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A Holistic Approach


No doubt you've heard this buzzword before, but what does it mean from the perspective of creating wealth and financial wellbeing?

Cambridge University defines holistic as:

"dealing with or treating the whole of something or someone and not just a part."

There are three parts to the wealth-building whole (which often coincide):

Accumulating wealth
Growing wealth
Protecting wealth

Within each part, various financial services come into play (insurance, lending, KiwiSaver and investment advice).

The traditional approach is generally transactional and focuses on a specific financial product or service - this doesn't resonate with us or adequately serve our clients.

We believe in a zoomed-out approach that considers ALL wealth and financial risk areas. Your home loan, insurance, KiwiSaver, and investment portfolio impact one another and should work in harmony.

This philosophy inspired us to develop, educate, and empower our team to deliver a complete, progressive, holistic financial service.

The opinions conveyed in this article are for general educational purposes only to provide information about the financial services industry. 

This information is not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any particular insurance, home loan, or investment product. You should not use this article to make any financial decisions, as we cannot assess your situation without thorough consultation.

We highly recommend seeking professional advice from one of our qualified financial advisers. Get in touch on 0800 346 765 or email


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