ACC for business owners

We’re fortunate to have ACC in New Zealand, but as most of us have found out the hard way, it only covers injuries, not illnesses.

If you are a business owner or sole trader in any industry in New Zealand, by default, you are on ACC CoverPlus (the standard ACC income cover). While this is certainly better than nothing, it can result in a shortfall at claim time – and unexpectedly high ACC levies.

Not many people are aware, but there’s an alternative.

For around the same cost as standard ACC income cover, you can apply for a more personalised version (known as ACC CoverPlus Extra), and a separate comprehensive income protection insurance policy. This combo allows you to securely protect your income against accidents, illness, and mental health issues. You may even save some money.

It’s not a one size fits all scenario, but if you’re under 48, a non-smoker, and have no significant pre-existing medical conditions, then it’s an option worth exploring.

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ACC savings for trade business owners


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