Booster KiwiSaver Award

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What an honour to receive the Booster KiwiSaver Movers and Shakers award. Thank you, Booster! A special thank you to our support star Pip, who holds down our KiwiSaver service behind the scenes with her exceptional communication and client management skills.

Booster selected Finsol based on the following criteria:
  • Comprehensive client journey and relationship
  • Business growth
  • Helps community and those around them
  • Willing to learn and improve
  • Relationship Manager choice
  • Booster advocate - attends webinars, roadshows, conferences
  • Pleasant to all Booster staff

We've experienced significant KiwiSaver growth as more and more people realise that it will become an integral part of their property journey and retirement plan. As a result, KiwiSaver has now evolved into one of our core services.

When talking to our clients about their KiwiSaver, we quickly realised that there was a lack of general education and that investing best practices were being overlooked. In addition, many of our clients were with bank providers, experiencing bare minimum communication and a lack of service.

The current downward trend in the markets highlights the importance of good advice and a voice of reason when our clients want to react to market conditions. Having access to three leading KiwiSaver providers allows us to find the right fit for each client's unique needs.


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