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Gareth’s Finsol Update

Things have been busy here at Finsol.

We’ve had considerable growth in the last few years, and our customer base numbers well over 3500 now. Alongside our growth, our services have broadened. We’ve found our niche, which is financial advice for businesses owners.

The brand has matured and evolved – as have we – so we’re embarking on a brand refresh. I’m really looking forward to seeing what our creative team will come up with. We pride ourselves on being different, and we’re excited to have branding that represents that.

Home loans

It’s awesome to see many of our clients that we’ve provided a Game plan for returning three, six or even 12 months later, ready to purchase a home. The KiwiSaver advice that we’ve provided for these clients has been instrumental in helping them into their first homes.

The client feedback for our new online KiwiSaver service has been phenomenal. Rarely do we find that Kiwis have received personalised KiwiSaver advice. Usually, they’ve just filled out a short generic questionnaire with their bank or current provider, which doesn’t constitute proper KiwiSaver advice.


We’ve had a steady flow of income protection and health insurance claims, with the odd trauma claim as well. Our 100% claims paid record still stands, reinforcing the strong relationships we have with our insurers due to their empathy and the speed with which they handle claims. Our claims results are also a testament to our thorough underwriting process, where we acquire medical notes and ACC history.

We’re proud of our 100% claims paid stat, and we plan to keep it that way.

Our clients rave about the advice and support provided for commercial and general insurance from Insure Hawke’s Bay, and we’re pleased to have aligned with Insurely for our Auckland-based clients. Both Insure Hawke’s Bay and Insurely are part of the esteemed Insurance Advisernet New Zealand.

Digital advice leads the way.

Finsol Director and our Home Loan team leader Paul flew the coop in December and relocated to Auckland to set up our new office. All is going well in the big smoke, and one thing is clear – people love the ease and convenience of digital advice.

Despite being flat out with home loans, Paul and Nadeesha haven’t done one face to face meeting! Everything is done online, over the phone, and via Zoom. This is the future of financial advice, and we’re glad to be at the forefront.

Key Financial Tips for 2021

  • We’ve noticed a huge demand for income protection. COVID has been a shakeup for some people who have been asking themselves the hard questions, like, if I can’t work, what would happen to my family or my business? Income protection is a complex product, both with the financial and medical assessments. There’s also a particular way in which things need to be approached if you have to make a claim. It’s essential to have an experienced adviser in your corner at every step.
  • There has been a shift in the way accountants provide services due to great software like Xero. Tax compliance has become easier for business owners, which has created more time for accountants to provide a business advisory service. If you want to grow and improve your business, my advice is to align yourself with a Chartered Accountant who can not only sort tax compliance but give you solid business advice too.
  • With the current feverish appetite for residential property, don’t neglect other ways of building wealth, i.e. through commercial property, KiwiSaver, and investment funds. As always, when looking at improving your financial positions, engage with a competent financial adviser.

Finsol is looking to expand into other regions and looking to add a senior mortgage broker to the HB team, so if you know of anyone keen and would fit the bill, please let me know.

While we’re home loan and insurance experts, our blog posts are for general information purposes only and are not intended as financial advice. If at any stage you need personalised advice, get in touch on 0800 346 765, or email finsol@finsol.co.nz.


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