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Life Insurance Quote NZ

Life Insurance

Protect your loved ones if anything happens to you. Life Insurance provides a one-off payment in the event of death or a terminal illness diagnosis, so your family are financially supported.
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Income Protection Quote NZ


If you’re unable to work because of an illness or injury, Income Protection allows you to focus on your recovery, not your finances.
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Trauma Insurance provides an effective financial back-up if you suffer a specified serious illness or injury. Protect yourself in case of serious illness or accident.
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Health Insurance Broker NZ

Health Insurance

We all feel invincible when we’re younger. But what would happen if you required expensive surgery?  Wherever you are in life, Health Insurance helps you keep your health on track.
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Mortgage Insurance Auckland

Mortgage Repayment Cover

Mortgage Repayment Cover provides covers  off  your home loan repayments if you’re unable to work as a result of sickness or injury.
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Mortgage Repayment Insurance Auckland

Level Premium Insurance

The cost of Level Premium cover is calculated at the start of your policy and remains the same as you get older.
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Health Insurance Hawkes Bay

Key Person Insurance

Protecting your business assets against loss or damage is important but have you considered your most valuable asset – yourself and the team you rely on?
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ACC CoverPlus Extra

By correctly restructuring your ACC cover you improve on the quality of your ACC protection and make significant ongoing savings on levies.
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Income Protection Insurance

Finsol recommended I take up Income Protection, I never thought I would have to use it but after a surfing accident, I was unable to build for nearly four months. ACC covered some of my lost income, but not all of it. I was stoked I had a backup plan. Thanks to Gareth and the Finsol team!

– Lloyd