ACC CoverPlus Extra

Superior ACC disability cover for sole traders and business owners.

If you own a business or work for yourself, you’ll be paying for a form of accident only disability cover called ACC CoverPlus – it’s designed to cover some of your lost income – up to 80% – if you are injured and unable to work.

However, there’s an alternative option called ACC CoverPlus Extra that can save you money on levies, and time when you need to make a claim.


clarity at claim time

ACC CoverPlus Extra puts you back in control of what you’re covered for. This means if you have or are applying for comprehensive income protection, you may be up to dial back your ACC cover to reduce your levies on an ongoing basis.

Furthermore, shareholders the ability to change their ACC classification codes – these are the occupation codes that determine your level of risk to ACC. Shareholders can apply to be rated individually in terms of the work they perform. For example; a builder who’s no longer on the tools and is now in a managerial role can update their occupation classification from residential construction to management and reduce their shareholder levy by up to 68% – on average $3,400 – per year.

​​We provide a complete ACC management service where we assist with ACC Extra applications, accident claims, establishing payment authorities, and demystifying the sometimes confusing ACC invoices.









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