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ACC CoverPlus Extra

If you own a business or work for yourself you’ll have to pay ACC levies for a form of accident only disability cover called ACC CoverPlus – it’s designed to cover some of your lost income – up to 80% – if you are injured and unable to work.

However, there’s an alternative  option called ACC CoverPlus Extra that can save you money on levies, and time when you need to make a claim.

ACC CoverPlus Extra allows shareholders to change their ACC classification codes – these are the occupation codes that determine your level of risk and levies. Shareholders can apply to be rated individually in terms of the work they perform. For example; a builder who’s no longer on the tools and is now in a managerial role can update their occupation classification from residential construction to management and reduce their shareholder levy by up to 72% – on average $3,400 – per year.

There are very few situations where ACC CoverPlus Extra does not suit business owners or sole-traders and costs nothing to set up.

Gareth provided a great service at no cost, in fact, he helped us achieve substantial and ongoing savings on levies and set up business insurance policies.

– Flint


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ACC CoverPlus (Default)

  • You will only ever receive up to 80% of your previous 12 months’ earnings.
  • ACC can reduce payment at claim time if you have shareholders or employees, or business is still generating income.
  • The ACC claims department will need to financially assess your claim before making payment. This means they’ll need copies of your personal tax summaries and financial statements. If your accountant is not up-to-date with your financials, it could take months before you receive any payment.

ACC CoverPlus Extra (Alternative)

  • At claim time, you’ll receive 100% of the amount you nominated at application time – even if your business is still generating income.
  • You will know exactly how much your levy is each year.
  • By correctly structuring your ACC CoverPlus Extra contract and selecting appropriate occupation code you can reduce ACC shareholder levies by up to 72% each year.

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