Health Insurance tailored to suit your needs and budget.

Health Insurance

Our public health system provides a reasonable level of emergency care and treatment for serious medical conditions. However, waiting times for non-urgent medical conditions can often be lengthy, which can have a significant impact on health and the ability to earn an income.

Health Insurance gives you fast access to the medical care you and your family deserve, and a range of medication and treatments not subsidised by the government.

Finsol recommended I take up Income Protection, I never thought I would have to use it but after a surfing accident, I was unable to build for nearly four months. ACC covered some of my lost income, but not all of it. I was stoked I had a backup plan. Thanks to Gareth and the Finsol team!

– Lloyd

Income Protection Insurance

Recent Health Insurance claims

Cataract removal: $3,784

Hernia repair: $7,620

Breast cancer treatment: $256,988

Heart valve replacement: $66,937

Spinal surgery: $56,146

What about ACC?

ACC provides treatment and rehabilitation services to anyone who suffers an injury as a result of an accident.

Health Insurance does not cover the cost of any treatment ACC is responsible for. However, it can be used if ACC declines your claim.

What does Health Insurance cover?

Health Insurance will cover 100% of your significant medical expenses – minus any excess – including surgery, hospital charges, cancer treatment, and medications. Health Insurance also covers specialist and testing costs both before and after your treatment. Depending on the type of policy you choose, levels of cover range from $100,000 – $500,000 per claim year.

What is an excess?

Applying an excess to your policy will help keep the cost of your Health Insurance down. Excess options range from nil – $10,000. Depending on the excess you select, when compared with a nil excess option, you can reduce the cost of your Health Insurance by as much as 82%.

If you need to make a claim, you’ll need to pay the excess. This only needs to be paid once per claim year, not for each and every treatment you receive.

What happens when I need to make a claim?

In the event of a claim, simply get in touch, and we’ll get things underway. As part of our service to you, we offer full support at claim time.

Health Insurance options

Depending on your needs, there is a range of options you can add to your base surgical policy.

  • Specialists and testing
  • Dental and optical
  • GP and prescriptions
  • Health maintenance

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