Income protection

Financial advice

Insurance that works when you can’t.

If you’re off work due to an accident, serious illness, or mental health event, Income Protection pays you a monthly amount to help you cover your living costs.

Income Protection products vary widely, and it’s important you get the right advice and type of cover. We factor in your occupation, industry, employment status, pre-existing medical conditions, and financial risks and liabilities.

If you go on claim, your payments will kick in after a chosen wait period, which we select at application time. We also select your payment period.

Income protection products

extra cover

What about ACC?

ACC covers treatment and rehabilitation costs and up to 80% of your current income if you have an accident that keeps you off work for more than a week.

It's crucial to select an Income Protection option that works well alongside ACC.

Free kids trauma cover

When you apply for Income Protection, you have the option of adding on free Trauma Cover for your children.

If your child becomes sick with a condition covered by Kids Serious Trauma Cover, you'll receive a lump-sum payment of $50,000. This payment can help cover expensive medical costs and lost income if you're away from work.

Mortgage repayment cover

Cover your home loan repayments and income if you’re unable to work.

Mortgage Repayment Insurance pays a monthly benefit if you become injured or fall ill and are unable to work. You may be entitled to a Partial Disability Benefit if you go back to work but are unable to work full-time.









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