Tips for choosing the right insurance adviser

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Tasking someone with the massive responsibility of financially protecting you, your loved ones, and key assets shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Below are a few tips to help you find the right insurance adviser.

Relevant qualifications are essential

In an industry that lacks people with qualifications, your first port of call is finding an adviser that has a financial services qualification and the necessary experience. The qualifications you’re looking for are either a National Certificate in Financial Services, Diploma in Business Studies, or a Bachelor of Commerce, and they should have a minimum of three years of industry experience.

Always use a specialist

We’ve all heard the saying jack of all trades, master of none. Be cautious of any adviser who claims they can do it all. Life insurance, business insurance, commercial insurance, general insurance, event insurance, while they all fall under the category of insurance, they all have their own unique complexities. Wherever possible use a specialist; you’ll receive far better advice, pricing, and support at claim time.

If in doubt, Google ‘em

For further peace of mind, Google your candidate. You’ll be able to view all sorts of information like their LinkedIn profile page, online reviews from Google, Facebook recommendations, and their company website. Look for a solid, professional digital presence.

Once you’ve decided on an adviser don’t be afraid to ask questions:

  • What’s your advice and claims process?
  • What are your claim stats?
  • Am I bound by a contract?
  • How much commission are you paid?
  • What insurers do you work with and why?
  • Why should I use you?

Finally, make sure you get on with your adviser as you could be working together for the next decade or more.

While we’re home loan and insurance experts, our blog posts are for general information purposes only and are not intended as financial advice. If at any stage you need personalised advice, get in touch on 0800 346 765, or email


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