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KiwiSaver Hawkes Bay

The Best Kept Insurance Secret: Level Premium

Level premium Insurance does not suit everyone’s financial situation, but if you think you’ll require some form of debt or lifestyle insurance after the age of forty, we urge you to explore your Level Premium options....

Life Insurance Broker Hawke's Bay

How to guarantee a paid insurance claim

Armed with the correct information and a fully completed application form, your insurer and underwriter will be able to confidently and thoroughly assess your medical history and lifestyle. Transparency between you and your insurer means that in the event of a claim, it’s highly unlikely...

Health Insurance Hawke's Bay

How to get the best terms for your insurance policy

Most New Zealanders know that an insurance adviser can tailor an insurance plan that suits their requirements and budget. But what makes a good adviser great is their ability to negotiate the best possible terms for their client....